Message from the Executive Director

Dr. N. Subramanian
Executive Director, SETS

We are witnessing wider adoption of digital technologies across sectors such as banking & finance, health, smart cities, intelligent transportation, critical infrastructure and citizen centric services. In this context, it is very important to ensure dependable and secure computing environment for enabling seamless and secure transactions. Evolving technology landscape including high-performance computing, IoT, 5G/6G, Edge computing, AI & Cyber security, Quantum computing & communication, cloud & microservices, demand adaptive & innovative security primitives and controls. We see opportunities to design security solutions for such dynamic environments, privacy preserving technologies, secure protocols, post quantum cryptography, hardware security and trust-worthy systems.

SETS is focusing in key verticals of R&D in cyber security including Cryptology and Computing, Hardware Security, Quantum Security and Network Security. SETS with its expertise in these areas is uniquely positioned and is pursuing cutting-edge research in cyber security and nurturing talents. In-line to the Government of India’s Atma Nirbhar Bharat, SETS is contributing towards development of indigenous technologies and solutions. Cyber security ecosystem is rapidly advancing in our country based on research and innovation being carried out across academia, R&D labs and startups & industry. Strategy, synergy and security – is the moto of SETS - Collaborative innovation is the key to address grand challenge problems. SETS shall collaborate with academia, industry/startups, R&D labs, government and user agencies.

It is required to adopt two-pronged approach towards cyber security research: (a) pursue core research towards addressing fundamental research challenges and (b) focus on applied research and devising sector specific solutions leading to research translation including products, services and training.