Prof. K. VijayRaghavan

President, SETS & Principal Scientific Adviser to Government of India
Message from Prof. K. VijayRaghavan
SETS Products


  • Vision Statement
    1. To be a premier R&D organization in the area of Information Security

  • Mission Statement

    1. Carry out Directed Basic Research and develop Tools and Techniques in the area of Cryptology and Secure Protocols.
    2. Provide a Platform for translating basic research into Prototypes for data security and analysis.
    3. Act as a bridge between Academia and Government organizations for collaborative R&D towards Product development.
    4. Provide Consultancy Services and Training on Cyber Security matters for Business, Government and Critical Infrastructure Sectors.

  • Motto
      Strategy and Synergy for Security
SETS conducted a two-week training programme on ' FPGA Implementation of Post-Processing for QKD' between 30th August - 9th September, 2021 for the post-graduate students of the Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DIAT), Pune during which Prof G Raghavan, DIAT delivered the Key Note Address
Cyber Security Education and Awareness Drive (SEAD) of SETS conducted a Cyber Security Awareness Programme for the faculty of Atomic Energy Central School on 2nd and 3rd September 2021
SETS celebrated 'World IPV6 Day' by organizing a webinar on 'Cyber Ecosystem Changes for Future Internet' on 08 June 2021
SETS celebrated 'National Technology Day - 2021'. Ms Lakshmi Eswari, Head and Senior Director, C-DAC, Hyderabad delivered a talk on 'R&D to Field: Case study in Cyber Security'
Mr. Kunal Abhishek has given an Invited Talk on "Encipherment using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)" in a Training Programme titled "Cyber Security Essentials for Government Officials" organized by C-DAC on 7th May 2021
SETS organized a webinar on 'Cyber Leadership of CISO: Need of the Hour' on 07 April 2021
SETS organized a webinar on 'Unified Threat Management: Enterprise Level Security (A Practical Approach)' on 22 March 2021
SETS organized a talk on 'Introduction to Cryptography' on 16 March 2021
SETS conducted a webinar on 'Deep Learning for Cyber Security' on 05 February 2021
SETS conducted a webinar on 'Trends in Hardware Security' on 22 October 2020
SETS conducted a Webinar on 'Quantum Communication' on 19 September 2020

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